Why Tint?

The benefits from applying tint to windows

Reduced heat

Reducing heat and UV radiation entering your vehicle adds life to the interior and prevents fabric from weakening and plastic trim from fading and cracking. Because tinted windows block heat from the sun, having tint improves the performance of your air conditioner and in turn improves fuel economy. Tinted windows filter out about 80% of solar heat, versus less than 30% for non-tinted windows.


Reduced glare and UV exposure

Glare through side windows can be distracting to forward vision, and it can lead to eyestrain and fatigue on longer drives. Sunburn can also be an issue for some people. Non-tinted windows typically filter out less than 30% of UV light, while darker tinted windows will filter out 95% or more.

Increased security

Window tinting makes it more difficult to see belongings inside your vehicle, so it’s safe to say that your chances of being targeted for a crime are lessened.