Automotive Tinting

Solutions for your car or fleet


Looking for a way to boost your car’s appearance and make your ride more comfortable? Consider DC Tinting for your automotive, car and fleet window tinting! At DC Tinting, we will help you choose the tint that is right for you. Our technicians are well trained and experienced in installing window tint film, so you’ll get the best result, the first time the job is done.

Benefits to tinting your car’s windows include:

  • As window tinting rejects up to 68% of the sun’s heat, window film will help cool the interior of your vehicle.
  • Film will block up to 99% of the sun’s invisible, but harmful ultraviolet rays, particularly, the UV-A radiation which leads to fading of interior fabrics and premature ageing.
  • Window tinting film is designed to enhance the look of your vehicle.
  • Window tinting film will help to reduce up to 80% of the sun’s glare as well as vehicle headlight glare.
  • In the event of glass breakage, the film will help to hold the glass together and away from passengers.


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